Our partner University of Azores, UAc, is organising 2 upcoming FORWARD events, respectively on 23rd and 24th June 2022, in the framework of WP5.
On 23rd June, UAc will promote a scientific event on the “Transversality in Science“, while on 24th June, a matchmaking activity will be promoted to favour networking and collaborations between research and business sectors.
The events will be held in Portuguese. For further information, you can consult the agenda at this link.

The FORWARD Consortium joined for its final meeting on June 2nd  the Royal Library of Belgium. Mr Antonio Lopez Gulias, Project Coordinator from ACIISI summarized all progresses and mentioned the new European Commission communication. Indeed, this official document of May 3rd 2022, which suggested the continuation of Forward’s activities.

The main results of Forward were highlighted. FORWARD has enabled the nine ORs to get to know each other better and to share their assets in terms of research and innovation, to exchange on their potential through the eight thematic working groups. These groups have led to the creation of 9 regional action plans, the submission of two proposals to the Horizon Europe program’s calls for health and marine sciences projects.

Thanks to the FORWARD project, the actors of the ORs have benefited from training on writing proposals, implementation, technical, administrative, and financial management of a Horizon Europe project in order to strengthen their capacity to respond to calls for proposals, and mobilities for their researchers.

In addition, the continuation of the FORWARD program, 2019-2022 has been included in the 26th declaration of the Conference of ORs Presidents held in the Azores on 18 and 19 November 2021. It is also worth noting the strong act of the nine local authorities of the ORs who have signed nine letters of intent to commit to the next OR-izon Network.

To implement the continuation of Forward, a debate will be organized within the consortium on the basis of the main results of each work package to set up the next steps of OR-izon Network.

The Outermost Regions (ORs) play a strategic role for a smart and innovative Europe. FORWARD contributes to optimize the research and innovation ecosystems of the ORs, by developing distinctive expertise and connecting them to international networks.




In the frame of the FORWARD project and as part of the activities described in the TWG8 Action Plan, ULPGC will be organizing the 3rd and final edition of the TWG 8 projects presentation (Session of successful projects for TWG8) that will take place on 15th June at 14:00 (Brussels time).

As a reminder, the idea of this event is to show to the TWG8 members the ongoing research activities, capabilities, technology developed, potentialities, etc.,

Link to the meeting: Microsoft teams

Agenda : 00.-Agenda_3rd-Project-presentation_TWG8_15062022_1.pdf

FORWARD final conference – June 2, 2022

Registration form: here

Hybrid event:
Onsite: KBR venue Kuntsberg 28, B-1000 – Panorama room  – Mont des Arts 28, Brussels
Online: a link to access the conference will be provided upon registration

Agenda: here

FORWARD is the first European project gathering the 9 European Outermost Regions: Azores, Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Madeira, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion Island, Saint-Martin. The Forward project aims at improving the excellence of the outermost regions in research and innovation.

The FORWARD Consortium is pleased to invite you to the final hybrid (online and face-to-face) conference of the FORWARD project on June 2, 2022 (starting hour: 10h30 CEST)

This virtual and physical event follows the first Island Biology conference held in La Réunion in July 2019 and the second  conference organized in conjunction with the annual meeting of LABEX-CEBA (Laboratory of Excellence, Center for the Study of Biodiversity in Amazonia). Open to the outside public, it aims to present the actions and final results of the project, which is coming to an end.

The conference is also an official Partner Event of the EU Green Week

The expected highlights are the following:
– Presentation of the representatives of the OR monitoring committee and the project coordinator (Canary Islands government)
– Results of the diagnosis of the OR Research and Innovation ecosystems
– Results of the thematic groups set up for the common action plans of the ORs
– Round table with OR experts on the green transition
– Post-Forward perspectives and OR-izon network

The full programme of the conference can be consulted here.

Enhancing the participation of the Outermost Regions in European Union funding with FORWARD
Thematic Working Groups subcoordinators’ experience

A set of 5 training looks for creating more awareness of the different tools the European Union (EU) provides for promoting the Research and the Innovation ecosystem among the 9 Outermost Regions (Ors). Synergiles, from Guadeloupe Region, and FORWARD project consortium kindly welcome the potential beneficiaries of these trainings: Research and Innovation experts, future project leaders, research organizations, VSEs (very small enterprises) and SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

The trainings will be delivered in French and translated into English.

Training 4. Management of a European project and the new expectations of the European Commission (equality between men and women, FAIR protocol for data, Communication and promotion of the results of European projects). May 20, 2022

Registration link: https://forms.gle/mx2vmbGaBK3vv3nd6


Training 5. International collaborations (networks, management, opportunities, ORs). Know how to create and maintain your network. June 13 & 15, 2022






The Regional Science and Technology Fund (FRCT), promotes, on May 17, in physical format and Portuguese only, the training and capacity building action on “how to develop Research & Innovation proposals with impact”, as part of our project FORWARD.

This training aims to empower the actors of the regional research and innovation ecosystem of the Azores, approaching and enabling them to the new instruments and tools available for funding from the new Horizon Europe Framework Program, and thus increase the ability to access EU funds.

This training aims, specifically, to present the project selection criteria of the main R&I programs, share effective methods of topic and partner selection and partnership management, present “storytelling to maximize the impact with evaluators, identify methods of budget construction, and also disseminate techniques for promoting the proposal.

On Friday may 6th, 2022 the CCISM will be organizing round table entitled « DEVELOPMENT OF A RESEARCH AND INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM FOR ST. MARTIN: CHALLENGES AND LEVERS, from 9h30 to 12h00 (local time), at the CCISM.

Here is the full program :

-Presentation of the FORWARD project

-Capitalizing on high potential sectors in support of research and innovation

-Funding, partnerships, and networks as vectors for developing a local R&I ecosystem

Note that a lunch cocktail will be offered and that the registration is complusary.

As part of the FORWARD project, on May 3 , 2022, the Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique (CTM) is organizing a symposium on Food Security.

Faced with the consequences of climate change and the erosion of biodiversity, a crucial issue is to develop and promote the transition towards sustainable agricultural systems, which at the same time respond to environmental, economic and social challenges in order to ensure the security food for present and future generations.

The objectives of the seminar:

  • Seek territorial anchoring which seeks to re-establish the link between agriculture and society, in particular by promoting local and quality supply, and makes it possible to support the jobs they represent throughout the territory;
  • Stimulate a new impetus in favor of research for sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition.

This seminar is aimed at our stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem and will be translated into English.

The final agenda can be accessed online here.

It will take place at the CTM and will also be broadcast online. Details connections to join the event remotely are the following:


ID de réunion : 980 1297 2388
Code secret : 556221

The Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT), promotes, on February 11th, at 09:00 am (AZORES), on the digital platform Teams, the WP4 capacity building action “Strategic Management of Partnerships: from Networking to Excellence”, under the European project FORWARD.

This capacity-building action, directed to the Regional Ecosystem of Research & Innovation (R&I), aims to train the actors of the regional ecosystem in the use of new instruments and funding tools of the new Horizon Europe Framework Programme.