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Territorial Center for the Exploration of Biodiversity of Martinique (CTEBioM)


Research centers or research group


Martinique is very rich in its plant, animal, marine and edaphic biodiversity. It is also the only territory in France where there is no research organization working in health. We do not have organizations such as INSERM, CNRS-Santé or the Pasteur Institute, for example. It is a very important link in the value chain that is not present in Martinique.

The objectives of the CTEBioM:
The main objective of CETEBIOM will be to make up for the lack of fundamental research laboratories in Martinique, which are essential for the deployment of scientific research and the sustainable economic development of the territory. The CTEBioM will not be just another center in Martinique, but a very complementary tool with the existing structures. The primary goal of the CTEBioM will be to enable the acquisition of knowledge in order to pursue high-level research in biosciences in Martinique. This is the missing tool so that all analyzes are carried out on the territory, competent young people are recruited, new training courses emerge and new sectors and economic activities are created.

This participatory and inclusive scientific approach will also aim to expand scientific collaboration with our closest neighbors, particularly in the fields of health and the environment, within the framework of regional cooperation.

The missions of the CTEBioM:
A prefiguration study will have to be carried out in order to determine all the contours of the creation of the Center and to determine the working methodology, the legal form, the budgets to be mobilized and the work to be carried out.

To achieve its objectives, CETEBIOM will have to deal with metabolomics and genomics, as well as chemistry, biotechnologies, pharmacotoxicology and bioinformatics. The center should be equipped with innovative equipment for the acquisition of results in Martinique. He will also work on the themes of pharmacopoeia and local cosmetopoeia.

The vocation of the CTEBioM is the exploration of the living on two axes: to carry out research (to set up research programs and to create knowledge) around different fields of investigation (sea, soil, plants, animals and humans) and the support (help existing laboratories and structures carry out their studies by providing services and using the center’s equipment).

Photo credits: TRAMIL.


Emy NJOH ELLONG, Ph.D.  | Forerunner of the Martinique Biodiversity Exploration Center (CTEBioM)
Hôtel de la Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique Rue Gaston Defferre - Cluny - CS 30137 97201 Fort-de-France Martinique