EU project management and financial training in French Guiana

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The University of French Guiana is organising multiple training sessions for their researchers within the framework of the FORWARD project.

1st, 4th and 8th June 2021: A webinar about managing H2020 projects with two main objectives:

  • Managing administrative and financial aspects of H2020 contracts;
  • Preventing financial recoveries in case of audit.

17th – 22nd June 2021: A webinar about administrative and financial aspects in Horizon Europe, whose key objective are:

  • Providing advice on how to draft Horizon Europe proposals;
  • Giving keys elements on how to set up a Horizon Europe project budget.

This training will also provide participants with enhanced skills for:

  • Improved use of the «Funding & Tender Opportunities» portal;
  • Collaborative projects, single beneficiaries and financing tools;
  • Project preparation including submission, eligibility conditions, and evaluation approach.