European Cluster Meeting – meet the Canary Islands!

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26 April 2021 • 28 April 2021

The European Cluster Meeting is an event organised by PROEXCA, in collaboration with our FORWARD coordinator ACIISI and our partner ITC, and supported by the EU Enterprise Network and the EU Commission.

The aim of this virtual event is to promote the internationalisation of European clusters, facilitate the exchange of experiences, as well as to foster and encourage participation of clusters in European programs.

A workshop on collaboration platforms for clusters will be organised, followed by discussion rooms where clusters will have the opportunity to discuss share experiences and identify partners for potential collaboration within the framework of EU programmes. Participants can also organise B2B meetings through a dedicated virtual platform.

The sectors involved in this event are: blue growth; energy; sustainable tourism; transport and logistics; ICT and digitalization; and the audiovisual sector.

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