Scientific workshop and networking event on ICTs and its applications in R&I

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27 April 2022 • 29 April 2022

In the framework of the FORWARD project, from 27th until 29th April 2022, partners from Canary Islands are organising a workshop on Communication and Information Technologies (ICTs) and its application in Research & Innovation. The workshop pretends to address how ICTs are involved in the latest research activities and innovation in the field of Marine Environment, Climate Change and Biomedicine.

This workshop is organized as a major contribution of FORWARD WP3 (TWG8) and WP5 to promote a better understanding of the potentials and current sustainable uses of the ICTs in research and innovation from an academic and non-academic perspective. In this sense, the workshop will address relevant topics such as Governance, Marine Conservation, Aquaculture, Climate Change Adaptation and Medical Applications. The workshop will be given by diverse academics and professionals experts, in the different fields. It is open to University students, researchers and professionals interested in Marine Technologies, Climate Change Monitorization and Biomedicine.

The scientific and technical sessions will be organized around three sessions:

  • ICTs & Marine Environment – 27th April
  • ICTs & Climate Change – 28th April
  • ICTs & Biomedicine – 29th April

 All sessions will be held at the Scientific and Technological Marine Park, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Campus de Tafira). Simultaneously, the sessions will be broadcasted online for external audience. Each daily session will start at 9:00 and finalize at 13:00 (Canarian time).

Registration is required in the following link:

You can consult more information and the full programme here.