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Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

FORWARD is a European project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme (2019-2021), boosting Research Excellence & Innovation Capacity in Outermost Regions. The project overall objectives are:

  • Improve ORs’ excellence in research and their innovation potential.
  • Improve their participation in EU research and innovation funded projects.
  • Link research activities with territorial development.

According to FORWARD analysis, the lack of critical mass and connectivity among ORs and between ORs and continental Europe are some of the main obstacles ORs faces to access EU framework programme. The aim of work package 3 (Co-creation and implementation of thematic working plans) is to reinforce the actual and reveal the potential competitive advantages of Outermost Regions in their respective research and innovation fields of expertise, and the identification of common interests.

Who are the participants of the TWGs ?

The Thematic Working Groups will bring experts from OR and various European regions/countries and third countries. They have to define and implement thematic action plans with the feedbacks of the ORs Research and Innovation community.

Forward TWGs : which thematics ?

There are 8 thematic working groups.

TWG1: Health, applied Medical Technologies, Diagnostics and Therapies.
TWG2: Social sciences and social innovation.
TWG3: Earth system, space & universe sciences.
TWG4: Information and Communications Technology.
TWG5: Climate change and Energy transition.
TWG6: Agriculture, applied life sciences, biotechnology, and bio-systems engineering.
TWG7: Biodiversity conservation and restoration.
TWG8: Marine sciences & technologies.

How are the TWGs built ?

They are built on the :

  • diagnosis of OR’s research and innovation ecosystem which allowed the identification of common RIS3 domains ;
  • ranking of the different fields of expertise (at least 2 ORs + Framework Program and other EU funds) ;
  • potential field of cooperation between ORs ;
  • alignment with Horizon Europe pillars and cluster ;
  • sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

What are the TWGs general objectives ?

These Thematic Working Groups are meant to :

  • identify critical research fields in the OR ;
  • establish networks between OR ;
  • ensure its sustainability after the project

How and why TWG exchange ?

The first transregional meeting will take place online on september 17 during a Kick-off meeting to ensure a good coordination of these TWG, share the same methodology and share questions. Three meetings are scheduled :

1 – Initial training : this initial training will launch the TWG and manage their action plan design in an efficient and collaborative manner.

2 – A second transregional meeting will take place between TWG sub-coordinators to exchange on the work progress, good practices and difficulties.

3 – The last meeting will present the action plans and prospective approach.